The Website Governance Modeling Tool is the brainchild of Robert Jacoby. That's me. It was the capstone project for my Master of Information Management (MIM) degree (May 2012) at the iSchool at the University of Maryland. Read the project report, "Development and Assessment of a Website Governance Modeling Tool" (PDF).

The idea for a modeling tool to “analyze, map, explain, and manage” website governance came from the Website Governance Functional Model I described in two articles published in CMSWire in October 2011. Read "Is Your Website Governance Functional?" and "6 Concepts for the Future of Website Governance, Including a New Functional Model." In May 2012 as I was completing my MIM degree I published the CMSWire article, "Website Governance: New Modeling Tool Puts You in Charge."

In June 2015 DigitalGov.gov published my article, “How Governance Supports Your Agency’s Digital Government Strategy.” It’s a case study showing a solution for intersecting governance challenges.

Before all of this I wrote the original Wikidpedia articles for:

And before this I was a Web Content Manager, Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Director of Communications, small business owner, reporter, and puzzle solver.

See a bunch of neato stuff at http://about.me/robert.jacoby