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Five Content Fundamentals to Save Your Project

by Robert Jacoby and Danielle Kellogg

In the daily turmoil and grind of a large website content development project, it’s easy to lose sight of the simple things. Keep these five content fundamentals in mind to save your team, your project—and yourself!

In all the project talk and planning around usability, design, technologies, and more—it’s easy to lose sight of the content, and the fundamentals that drive it.

How to Perform a Content Audit (and how the new Wikipedia article can help you)

by Robert Jacoby (September 15, 2013) 

Performing a content audit is no simple task, but the benefits can be enormous. A content audit, properly done, provides a wealth of information that can guide content management and inform your content strategy.

How Many Pages Can a Web Content Manager Manage?

by Robert Jacoby (December 3, 2012)


It’s been said that the rule of thumb among Web teams is to “publish what you can manage”. But how do we know what we can manage? Let’s find out.

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Website “Governance” or “Management”? Why a Word Matters

by Robert Jacoby (November 11, 2012)


It's easy to confuse the terms "website governance" and "website management." And what they mean. Or what they should mean. But defining what we do as Web managers is important. Explaining what we do to others helps us better understand what we do ourselves, and it helps us plan and do our work.